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"Kissed By An Angel EP"

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Destiny Malibu; Singer/Songwriter/Musician 

  • Don't Wanna See You (Go)3:37
  • Wedding Anthem3:26
  • Graduation 3:11
  • Kissed By An Angel3:07
  • I Feel Alive3:25
  • Love Hurts 3:24
  • Oblivion3:33
  • Time3:51

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Destiny Malibu 
Singer/Songwriter/Musician  from Malibu, California. 
​Dubbed the "New Drake" by many of her fans...

"Thank you Angels!  And thanks for all the love you are showing my "Kissed by An Angel EP! <3 It has been so much fun meeting so many of you on the Kissed by An Angel Tour!  :0  A special hug to my angels in Texas, Florida, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Boston, Nevada, Tennessee and California!! Lavender says hello too! <3   I am currently working on bunches of new projects I will share with you real soon!!!   2017 has been and continues to be absolutely amazing!!!    I love readying all of your messages on instagram, youtube, twitter and in your emails! KIT!  Sending you love and wishing you the very best!  I just love the way music  brings us together in such a magical way.  Loving 2017!" - Destiny Malibu