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Thank you to everyone who participated in the

Destiny $100.00 (USD) Giveaways! 

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Winners of the $100 Giveaways!

ENDS          DESCRIPTION                                        WINNER      FROM         PRIZE

08/31/15    Destiny's next song I want to hear      Cintrino    Venezuela     $  50

09/14/15    My dream job is                                   Erycka L       USA          $100

09/28/15    My favorite charitable organization    Jamie C     Australia      $100

10/12/15    My favorite song ever is                      KillzWith        NA           $100

10/26/15     My dream travel spot is                            Shivam           India          $100

11/09/15     My favorite fruit is                                   Adarsh S.         India         $100

11/23/15     My favorite animal is...                           Jacinda O.        USA           $100 

12/07/15     My favorite Sports team is...                   Maria L.            NA            $100 

12/21/15     My ideal Christmas gift would be...         Toniktra            USA          $100 

01/04/16     My New Years resolution is...                  Frankie C.         USA          $100

02/01/16     Love means...                                         James Ga.         NA            $100

‚Äč03/01/16    My dream car is....                                   Stephanie K.     NA            $100

04/01/16    Music means...                                         T.L                    Texas        $100 

05/01/15    My favorite musician is...                         Praveen Y.        India         $100

********** RULES **********

The Destiny $100 Give Away is open worldwide. Email me with your answer to the current Give Away Contest question. You can enter once- in every new Give Away contest!  

Winners are randomly selected and announced per the Contest End Dates on the chart above -

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